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Species: Ghost

Human (Formerly)

Gender: Female
Hair color: White Blonde
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Name of the Star

The Madness Underneath

[For information on Rory's cousin, please see 'Cousin Diane']

I guess what drew me to her was her expression. It was the expression of someone who had given up completely. Her skin wasn’t just pale, it was faint and grayish. She was the kind of person you didn’t see, alive or dead.
~ Rory, from The Name of the Star

Diane was a lonely ghost who used to linger at Charing Cross station in the London Underground.

Appearance Edit

Rory estimates that Diane had only been in her twenties when she died. In life, Diane’s frosted, silvery hair had been long and was styled into large wings that curled off of her face. Like many ghosts, her skin appeared pale to the point of greyness.

At the time of her death, Diane had been wearing a plain shirt, platform shoes, and a dark sweater with a thick cowl neck design. She also had a heavy-looking silver pendant looped around her neck. To Rory, Diane’s "vaguely retro" outfit was a tip off that she was not among the living.

Biography Edit

Human Life Edit

Diane had been chronically depressed. She became so unhappy with her life that she chose to commit suicide by jumping in front of an incoming Tube train on the Bakerloo line.


Diane was distressed to realise that her attempt on her life had been successful, yet she was still there. She lingers in the spot where she jumped, staring at the opposite wall with her toes off the edge of the platform. On her first encounter with Rory in The Name of the Star, Diane was too distracted and upset to say or do anything other than to utter "I jumped" over and over again.

In The Madness Underneath, Diane meets Rory for the second time when the Shades want to test Rory's terminus abilities. Thorpe, the Head of Paranormal Investigations in the Shades' organisation, is doubtful that the Shades can be of use without any remaining terminus devices.

Diane became so desperate to leave that she flung herself at Rory so that she could be terminated. The Shades do not know what happens to ghosts who have been terminated. It is possible that Diane may have moved on to an afterlife, or that she simply ceased to exist after touching Rory's back. The incident made Rory violently sick.