Ol' Jim, otherwise known as The Resurrection Man, is a ghost and potential informant who Rory visits in Highgate Cemetery. He is first introduced in The Shadow Cabinet.


Every capillary in his face looked like it had burst. His neck had something purple swelling out the side of it. Something had grown on his face that could have been a beard or a kind of mushroom.
~ Rory, from The Shadow Cabinet


Human Life Edit

According to the notes that Rory finds, Jim passed away at some point during the mid nineteenth century. 

Rory's Visit Edit

Rory visits the cemetery to ask for information from 'The Resurrection Man'. There she meets Jim, who has presided over the cemetery for years. Jim delays giving away any information, and instead takes Rory on a seemingly casual walk around the area. When they happen across a frighteningly malformed ghost lurking between the tombstones, Rory realises that Jim wants her to destroy the other ghost so that he can have full dominion over the cemetery. When Rory refuses to wantonly kill the creature without cause, Jim attacks her for her noncompliance. He begins to hurdle rocks at her head. Seeking shelter, Rory ducks through the gate of an open tomb. Jim slams and locks the grate behind her, then attempts to set fire to the tomb with Rory inside.