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The London Underground (or simply the 'Underground' or 'Tube') is a system of public subway lines and stations underneath London.

It is a real-life transport system that has been incorporated into the Shades of London series. The following events are fictitious and are a part of the books.

In The Name of the Star, Rory and Boo approach a woman who is teetering on the edge of a Charing Cross platform. This woman, Diane, happens to be a ghost who committed suicide by jumping in front of an incoming train. The Shades explain to Rory that the London Underground is littered with ghosts, many of whom would have died in a similar fashion. One of Callum's primary jobs is to monitor the stations of the Underground for ghosts and to terminate those that are disruptive towards living people. Callum's primary role as a member of the Shades' organisation is to monitor ghost presence in the Underground's stations and tunnels.

In The Madness Underneath, Stephen takes Rory to the the station in the middle of the night, where she inadvertently uses her powers to terminate a ghost. Thorpe sees Rory's reaction, which convinces him the Shades can continue their job using Rory's ability. Shaken, Rory quickly leaves.

"I saw several mice dash along the edges of the corridors or along the steps as we approached, put out by our appereance. The Tube belonged to them at night."

In The Shadow Cabinet, no one visits the Tube, since the Shades are all busy looking for Stephen.