Head of Paranormal Investigations
Thorpe page shot
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Boy in the Smoke

The Name of the Star
The Madness Underneath
The Shadow Cabinet

Mr. Thorpe, or simply Thorpe, is the Head of Paranormal Investigations. He is also Stephen Dene's superior, but does not have the Sight.

Appearance Edit

He could have been a banker or a model of some idealized traveler like I’d seen in the airplane magazine. Somebody expensive and polite and almost deliberately forgettable, except for the gray hair.
~ Rory, from The Name of the Star

Thorpe's age is unknown, but despite having a 'youngish face' he has a full head of seemingly premature gray hair. Rory remarks that his clothes were a little plain but ultimately well-tailored. The first time Rory sees Thorpe, he is wearing a blue shirt and a black overcoat and pants.

Biography Edit

The Copy-Cat Killer Case Edit

  • Thorpe is Stephen Dene's superior, and had Stephen report back to him about developments in their mission to track down Alexander Newman's ghost.
  • He appears towards the end of The Name of The Star to ask Stephen and Rory for confirmation that the Ripper has been terminated, and to tell Rory not to talk to anyone about what she's seen or done involving ghosts.

Reorganising the Shades Edit

After events in The Name of the Star, the Shades are left without any working terminus at their disposal. Thorpe is adamant that the Shades will not be able to perform their duties without that technology, so Stephen reveals Rory's secret; that she has assimilated the ability of the device and become a human terminus. Thorpe is skeptical, and requests proof before deciding if the Shades department will continue. To fulfill this request, Stephen draws Rory to an Underground Tube station to terminate a ghost under false pretenses.

Thorpe sees Rory fall to the ground and throw up, clearly shaken by something. After confirmation that Rory actually terminated a ghost, he tells Stephen to take Rory back to Wexford.

Next, Thorpe appears at the hospital when Rory decides to try to bring Stephen back as a ghost. Afterwards, he drives the Shades to Stephen's flat to quickly grab his belongings before anyone else.

Thorpe next appears, very suddenly and dramatically, in time to hear Rory, Freddie, and Jerome talk at a café about Jane Quaint. Freddie says she knows a man named Clover who knew Jane, and Sid and Sadie, so the three of them go to interview him, on the condition that Freddie become a member of the Shades of London.

After Clover tells them everything he knows, Thorpe drives Freddie back to the apartment to meet Boo and Callum. Then they track down Charlotte.

Thorpe is later lured to Jane's house and overpowered by Jane's followers. He joins the fight against Sid and Sadie, but is knocked on the head, although he's fine.

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